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Smarter Way To Operate Your Business With Our CRM Software

Easily Manage your relationship with your customers and staff with one of the most cost-effective and user-friendly CRM software.

Lead Management

Helps you to track your clients journey from a lead to a customer. It Allow you to manage your relationship with the customers by keeping detailed records of your interaction with them.

Customer Management

Assists in updating, recording and handling customers data and their orders to maintain strong relationship with them.

Staff Management

It helps you to add users, assign them roles and allocate rights & responsibilities of different modules.

Raise your sales curve with the All-in-one CRM software

You can manage your Staff, Leads, Clients, Contacts using StepOn CRM.

Create and track proposal

Manage the process of creating a lead with the creation of quotation to invoicing with the StepOnCRM solution.

Track Key Performance Indicators

You can take smarter business decisions by tracking the KPIs and analysing them.

Stay connected with your customer with the remote ready features

Get notified every time your client connects with your business. Stay connected with your customers using their contact information.


Allows you to Store, edit and delete contact details of customers. It has indepth storage like the language the customer speaks, Social Media details, whatsapp no details,etc

Role /User

Helps you to allocate & assign the roles and permission to different users as the forms allocations and module wise usage rights to allocate the data flow as per the work allocations. 


Manage leads’ details, sources and provides overall insights of the lead conversion.


Helps in creating, updating or deleting your product and regularly updating inventory  by allowing you to record, create, edit and remove the products list.

Estimate/ Quotation

Provide estimates/quotations to the customers with the value of products and services offered. Helps you get direct amounts with Tax Calculations to make it easy by sending an email on registered email address of the customer.


Assists in updating, recording and managing business contracts and proposals for taking it to the invoicing stage of the sales cycle.


A Simple Click on (Convert to Invoice)button helps you in avoiding the time wastages of creation of invoicing again. 

Payment Receivables

Update the records of the payments received from the customers in the payment receivables to keep your accounts up to date.

Auto Financial Updates

Auto Updates in the financial records of the customers eases the task of rework and updation in the system to process the data flow easily

“Create more Value to your Sales team by streamlining the sales processes Efficiently with our StepOnCRM Solution.”

– Pratham Shetty

( Managing Partner & Founder of StepOnCRM)

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